Supercharge Your Clinic with AI Automation.

Meet HearHero, your hearing clinic AI assistant. We help automate everything from acquisition, communication, and aftercare to clinic decision making. Simply sync to your OMS.

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Give Your Clinic AI Superpowers: How HearHero Powers Up Your Patient Journey

  • 1

    Elevate Your Online Acquisition with HearHero Web Chatbot

    •  Patients meet the AI-driven chatbot on your clinic website, getting answers to their questions and tailored support.
    • The chatbot efficiently triages patients, guiding them to the right resources, booking appointments, or hearing screeners.
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    Boost Patient Engagement with HearHero Experiences: Pre & Post-Appointment Care

    • Once an appointment is booked, patients receive SMS and chatbot interactions for pre-appointment preparation and intake surveys.
    • Enhance patient experience with post-appointment feedback and emotional surveys ensuring satisfaction and addressing concerns.
    • Foster clinic reputation with post-appointment prompts for patients to leave a Google review, boosting visibility and trust.
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    Help from HearHero Patient Experiences: Check-Ins & Follow-Up Reminders

    • Keep patients engaged with timely check-ins, follow-ups, and hearing health check-up reminders.
    • Enable patients to self-report issues with hearing, devices, request remote adjustments, and support progress tracking.
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    Elevate Clinic Efficiency with HearHero Management System: Seamless HearForm Integration for Streamlined Operations

    • Effortlessly synchronize patient data and streamline workflows using the HearHero Management System.
    • Enhance clinic efficiency with AI tools: automate appointments and leverage patient summaries for informed decision-making.
  • 5

    AI Analytics with HearHero Insights: Data Analysis & Improved Outcomes

    • Access comprehensive patient data in one place, enabling better decision-making and improved patient outcomes.
    • Optimize clinic management and elevate patient care with AI-driven analytics and insights from operational and clinic data.
  • 6

    Expand Reach & Streamline Marketing with HearHero Connectivity

    • Connect instantly with patients using HearHero’s AI chatbot, proven to enhance lead conversion by 40% and reduce costs by 30% compared to traditional landing pages.
    • Deploy QR codes for efficient patient intake and engagement, transforming waiting time into a proactive experience.
    • Boost marketing ROI with HearHero integrated across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, turning interactions into tangible leads.
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Patient-Centered Care

HearHero fosters a collaborative environment between patients and providers, facilitating the achievement of health-related and psychosocial goals for enhanced patient-centered care.

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Improving Access to Care

HearHero, in sync with our partner HearForm, reduces social barriers by providing remote hearing care access, ensuring continuous patient support regardless of geographic constraints.

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Efficient and Customized Care Delivery

HearHero's seamless integration with HearForm facilitates efficient, cloud-based remote care. It enables clinics to reduce in-person appointments and allows for personalized outreach based on each patient's unique needs and preferences.


Boost Revenue & Slash Costs

Amplify revenue through effective use of chair time and patient engagement, save costs by automating front office tasks and optimizing provider schedules, and foster patient loyalty through targeted marketing. 

  • $60,000
    Chair Time - Hearing Aid Sales (Revenue Estimate)
  • $22,000
    Chair Time - Provider Time (Saving Estimate)
  • $15,000
    Front Office Staff Time (Saving Estimate)
  • $19,000
    Marketing & Loyalty (Saving Estimate)

Hearhero Features

Hearhero is the only patient engagement platform built for audiology clinics and around the hearing health patient journey. Integrated with your existing OMS, our suite comprises of: Web Bot, Patients Experiences and Management System - all with specialised features for hearing clinics, at an affordable price.

  • Web Bot

    • Webchat
    • Online Scheduling
    • Health-Risk Assessment
    • AI Chatbot
    • Product Discovery (Coming Soon)
  • Patient Experiences

    • Appointment Reminders
    • Digital Forms
    • Two-way Texting
    • Insurance Verification
    • Patient Recall
    • Patient Reviews
    • Email Marketing
    • Payments (Coming Soon)
  • Management System

    • Appointment Management
    • Patient Data Management
    • Integration with Hearform OMS
    • AI Summaries, Reporting & Analytics (Coming Soon)
    • Automations (Coming Soon)

Empowering Audiology Clinics with Innovative Features

HearHero transforms patient interactions and workflows through an array of powerful, user-friendly features. Designed to meet the diverse needs of modern audiology.

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    Interactive Web Chat

    Transform your clinic's digital interface with HearHero's AI-enabled web chatbot. Streamlined for patient support, this tool promptly answers queries, guides patients to relevant resources, and even schedules appointments seamlessly. By integrating with your clinic's website, it enriches the patient journey, strengthens your online presence, and liberates your front office staff from routine tasks. Harness HearHero's web chat to optimize your service delivery effortlessly.

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    Smart Scheduling

    Boost your clinic's operational efficiency with HearHero's smart scheduling feature. This tool enables patients to book their appointments directly via your website, selecting their consultation type and urgency. Seamlessly integrated with HearForm, this feature eliminates manual input, freeing up your front office staff. By automating scheduling, HearHero promotes patient autonomy, improves clinic workflow, and ensures a smoother appointment process.

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    Automated Reminders

    Reduce no-shows and improve clinic efficiency with HearHero's automated reminders. This feature allows your clinic to send timely appointment reminders, ensuring patients are well-prepared and on time. With options to cancel or amend appointments seamlessly, the process becomes easier for both your staff and your patients. Stay connected with your patients, reduce administrative effort, and enhance patient readiness for appointments with our smart reminder system.

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    Digital Intake Forms

    Upgrade your clinic's onboarding process with HearHero's digital intake forms, accessible directly through text messages. This feature ensures seamless collection of crucial information including payment and insurance details, contact data, and more, all while eliminating paper-based hassle. Your clinic not only becomes greener but also optimizes administrative efficiency. With HearHero's digital forms, ensure a smoother, smarter patient experience.

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    Patient Feedback & Insights

    HearHero's feedback system enhances your clinic's service quality and patient satisfaction. Through a simple text message, patients provide insights pre- and post-appointment, highlighting their emotional well-being, hearing ability, and service satisfaction. These insights fuel continuous clinic improvement and can boost your online reputation with positive testimonials. With HearHero, patient feedback becomes a powerful tool in your clinic's growth.

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    Proactive Wellness Checks

    Take a proactive approach to patient care with HearHero's Wellness Checks. These are regular, personalized interventions sent via SMS, aimed at assessing a patient's hearing wellness, their emotional state, and their comfort with new hearing devices. Post-appointment or post-device fitting, HearHero makes it simple to keep track of successes and tackle emerging issues. This feature ensures your patients feel seen, fostering trust and improving their overall journey with your clinic.

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    Advanced Hearing Assessments

    Elevate patient care with HearHero's proactive hearing assessments. Before appointments, patients take online screeners, providing clinicians with valuable insights. Post-device fitting, assessments aid with monitoring hearing aid performance and facilitate patient onboarding. Regular assessments support self-care and provide consistent, useful data for clinicians. HearHero's assessments: your essential tool for optimal hearing health management.

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    Broadcast Information

    Reach your patients more efficiently with HearHero's broadcast feature. This tool allows clinics to share critical updates, educational content, special offers, training tips, and more directly to their patients. Whether it's for urgent updates or enhancing patient education, HearHero's broadcast feature ensures your message is heard. Broaden your patient engagement and provide a personalized touch to your patient communication with this dynamic tool.

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    Instant Reports

    Ensure your patients are always heard with HearHero's instant reports feature. At any time, patients can message their concerns directly to the clinic via SMS, be it hearing aid adjustments, auditory concerns, or general feedback. This vital information is sent straight to your clinic for immediate attention, while our knowledge base provides interim support. With HearHero, provide immediate, personalized care while enhancing patient satisfaction and trust.

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Choosing HearHero was a no-brainer. It's a revolutionary tool that's reshaping hearing healthcare. It gets my highest recommendation!


Mike Huskey

President @ HearForm

Experience HearHero Benefits

Harness the power of HearHero to streamline operations, enrich patient experience, and drive growth to your clinic.

  • Operation Benefits

    Streamlined Operations

    HearHero simplifies referral processes, automates front-end tasks, and increases payment rates for services.

  • Operation Benefits

    Enhanced Analytics

    Leverage AI to understand and analyze the patient journey, quantify billable hours, and map patient emotional readiness.

  • Operation Benefits

    Efficiency Metrics

    Use HearHero to measure and optimize operational efficiency, from patient handling to revenue management.

  • Operation Benefits

    Proactive Decision Making

    HearHero's real-time data analysis empowers you to make informed, proactive decisions.

  • Provider Benefits

    Optimized Interactions

    HearHero increases flexibility in patient interactions, improving in-person appointments and front office staff efficiency.

  • Provider Benefits

    Advanced Market Intelligence

    Utilize AI insights for targeted marketing efforts, and enhance patient loyalty and referrals.

  • Provider Benefits

    Enhanced Provider Productivity

    HearHero's AI assistance allows providers to focus on patient care, enhancing productivity.

  • Provider Benefits

    Streamlined Communication

    HearHero simplifies an efficient exchange of information between providers & patients.

  • Patient Benefits

    Personalized Care

    HearHero offers flexibility in provider interactions, fostering a strong patient-provider relationship.

  • Patient Benefits

    Health Equity

    HearHero significantly mitigates social health disparities, thereby ensuring equitable care for everyone.

  • Patient Benefits


    HearHero offers flexible and efficient communication channels, improving the overall patient experience.

  • Patient Benefits

    Accessible Support

    HearHero provides easy-to-use communication tools, enhancing the accessibility and quality of patient support.

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