Increase efficiency, engagement and better outcomes across the patient journey with virtual hearing care.

Hearhero uses AI and chatbot technology to increase patient engagement, monitoring, triaging and virtual care -specifically for audiology clinics and providers.

How can Hearhero help providers?

Whether its new leads, greater innovation, fewer ER visits or better patient experience, Hearhero is here to help you reach your goals.

  • $000s saved per patient
  • Fewer unscheduled visits
  • Better engagement
  • Less missed appointments
  • More leads per month
  • Increased feedback

What does Hearhero's virtual care platform offer?

Hearhero is here to address the painpoints of an overally complex patient journey in hearing. Through our products, Hearhero offers automation, engagement, and care management tools to add seamlessly into your practice.

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  • Patient journey
  • Engage, Monitor & Track

    Guide patients before, during and after consultations. Collect outcomes. Monitor/intervene where at-risk.

  • Remind, Educate & Interact

    Deliver interactive care plans, appointment reminders, to-do-lists, videos and evidence based education.

  • Analytics, Reporting & AI

    Analyse aggregate data through custom reports and dashboards to accelerate quality improvement.

Customised virtual care for the new world of audiology.

Hearhero’s custom-built, innovative virtual care solution is designed for new challenges faced by providers today.

Seamless. Customisable. Secure.

Hearhero is easy to connect with your practice. We integrate with leading OMS providers, are privacy-protected and customisable to suit your needs.

  • Customised for Clinics

    • Custom branding
    • Personalised content (chatbot, education, videos)
    • Omni-channel (text, web, mobile, other channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Alexa are in the pipeline)
  • Integration

    • Integrated with leading OMS providers
    • Don't have an OMS? We can get you fully integrated with a provider as an add-on service
  • Private Secure Connection

    • HIPAA-compliant widgets and services
    • End-to-end encrypted communication

Find out what’s new at Hearhero

Case Study: Medical Hearing Associates of Arkansas

Hearhero partnered with the Medical Hearing Associates of Arkansas clinic in late 2019 with the aim to add a distinct competitive advantage to a newly opened practice. Working with audiologists, Hearhero streamlined the on-boarding of new patients by offering a digital avenue for the clinic to reach customers. Paired with an online campaign Hearhero enabled the clinic to reach a greater audience than ever intended and gain comprehensive insights to support their sales strategy.

Feature: Transform your data with Hearhero AI

With our product Hearhero AI, clinics receive insights allowing them to target patients suffering from hearing difficulties with greater precision than ever before. Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with your data and 3rd parties also provides productivity and revenue opportunities in regards to training, decision-making, marketing and research.

Meet our Hearheros

Hi there, meet our brave founding team of Hearheros! We look forward to meeting you...
  • Amyn Amlani, PhD
    With years of industry and academic experience in Hearing Economics and Education (Uni of Arkansas, Audigy), Amyn is supremely-equipped to lead the virtual care revolution in audiology.
  • Img 4752
    Ray jetha
    Ray brings with him a range of experience from Product to Operations at leading organisations around the world. His expertise in chatbots particularly helps drive Hearhero's product offering.
  • Harris Karim
    Technical Specialist
    Harris assists Hearhero with innovative technical and no-code solutions to integrating our products. His experience with FinTech, PropTech, EduTech and HealthTech startups is unmatched.

Affordable pricing for your clinics

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